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Hope Hampton responds to IPS Rebuilding Stronger plan

Hope Hampton, who is running for IPS Board of Commissioners in District 3, today released the following statement about the IPS Rebuilding Stronger draft plan, which was released earlier this week:

“I’ve spent the past few days reviewing this plan. The district has not yet made it clear why this plan makes the most sense financially or for families. Just five years ago, the district reconfigured grades, and now we’re going back to where we were before. If we pursue this plan, families need to know they can trust that the change will work this time. They also need to know how success will be defined and how long it will take before we can say this either was or was not successful. Finally, families need to know how the district plans to support students in this transition and how district leaders will hold themselves accountable.

“I am running for school board to hold the district accountable to being transparent and keeping students and families as the center of every decision. As a Commissioner, I will always listen to community input when faced with a decisions, so I want to hear how the community is reacting to this plan. It’s important that every family is given the opportunity to provide feedback on this plan.”

Families and educators in District 3 can share their feedback to the Rebuilding Stronger plan with Hope using this online survey.

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