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Hope Hampton has devoted decades to helping students and families connect with opportunity and reach their goals. She is a small business owner and mom of an IPS high school student who is focused on improving school safety, increasing communication with families and making sure all students have the mental health support they need.


Hope wants to see all IPS schools held to high standards that ensure all students have access to the services and support they need. This includes creating opportunities and resources for staff, specifically teachers, to ensure a quality experience for every family and educator. 


The pandemic created an entirely different world for students and families, and the impact is felt heavily in our classrooms. In order to learn and build lasting relationships with peers and teachers, our students need to feel mentally and emotionally safe in our schools. Hope has worked in many different local schools to support the students that need it most, and she wants to ensure families that when they entrust us with their kids, their kids will be in a supportive environment. One of the key ways we can help improve safety is to make sure all of our students and educators have access to mental health support and social and emotional learning (SEL) districtwide. 


In order for our schools to succeed, parents and families need to be included and feel included. The pandemic centered the need for open, transparent communication, and I am committed to finding additional ways to ensure families receive timely information from their schools and the district about what’s happening and how potential changes could affect their families. 


As a first-generation college student, I know how hard the transition can be for our students—whether they are matriculating to college or the workforce. As leaders, we have to make sure every IPS student feels prepared for lifelong success with the counseling, training and other opportunities they need throughout their K-12 experience. This includes creating valuable experiences for students around entrepreneurship and additional pathways for students who are not pursuing college.


Hope Hampton has devoted decades to helping students and families connect with opportunity and reach their goals. A first-generation college student who worked as a dean of students in Washington Township, she knows firsthand how hard it can be to navigate the K-12 system, and she’s seeking a seat on the school board so she can grow that one-on-one work into solutions for families across IPS. Hope is a mom of an IPS high school student and a small business owner. She’s focused on improving family communication and making sure all students have the mental and emotional support they need. She believes parent and family communication is central to a successful K-12 model, and she looks forward to working collaboratively with the district and local leaders to ensure every student can find a school that works for them. 

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